Extrude Solid Heightfield objects from TGA Files

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TSXtruder is based on Extruder 1.1 a heightfield utility for trueSpace 2 by Bryce Denney. Extruder is a stand alone HeightField app which creates .COB objects which can be loaded into trueSpace. TSXtruder achieves the same results except as a trueSpace 3 TSX plugin.


TSXtruder reads in an uncompressed 16/24 bit TGA file, interprets it as a height map and creates a solid object based on that map. Bright areas become peaks and dark become valleys. TSXtruder gives you exact control over the objects size, resolution, types of faces and a smoothing control to smooth out rough, low-res meshes. The TGA file can also be applied to the object as a texture or bump-map.
TSXtruder comes with an HTML manual.


trueSpace 3.0 or above


TSXtruder is available for FREE download under the GNU Public License (Copyleft, Open Source. You can read the license here). Accordingly with this, the source code is also available below. You may use this code in any way you wish as long as anything you distribute which is derivative of this code is also under the GNU license. IE: it's gotta remain free (as in 'Free Speech' not 'Free Beer').

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TSXtruder (192518 Bytes) - Thanks to 3D Expresso
TSXtruder (192518 Bytes) - Thanks to Primitive Itch

If you are having problems installing TSXtruder you probably need to update your MFC dll. Click here to update it.
A Note on File Formats
A few people have been having a bit of trouble with some TGA files. Make sure they are 16 or 24 bit uncompressed images. Some programs do not give a compression option when saving TGA's (EG:Photoshop) and seem to make up there own minds about whether to compress or not. If the images are being saved compressed then load them in Paint Shop Pro and save as TGA using 24 Bit Uncompressed from the format box. Then they should work.
TSXtruder is a freeware program distrubuted under the GNU public license.
Any comments, suggestions or bug reports please mail to bendy@bendys.com. If sending a bug report please put the word "bug" in the subject of your mail.
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